•                                Locksmithing

    We offer customized solutions for your new building, conversion or renovation, indoors and outdoors.


    - Roof covers and canopies

    - Carport

    - Mounting of balconies

    - Balcony balustrades

    - Staircases

    - Steel gates, sliding doors

    - Steel structures

    - Steel platforms, bar grate platforms

    - Art objects



  •                                Stainless-steel design

    Stainless steel has become increasingly popular because of its corrosion resistance, both indoor and outdoor. The very smooth structure ensures that less dirt builds up on it. That's why it's so easy to clean stainless steel.

    It's not just the material resistance, it's also the way it looks. It seems noble and "cold" on its own. If we combine it with other materials, for instance with wood, the result will be an impressive contrast that many architects will appreciate.


    We manufacture every kind of design variants for you, starting from V2A or V4A. Design components according to the customers' wishes, extravagant pieces of furniture for instance.



  •                                Structural steelwork